Moldiness or candidiasis: what is the secret of therapy?

Thrush is a fungal disease caused by the candida fungus. Viral pathogens are not irritants. The treatment of candidiasis is complicated, so you should contact your local gynecologist at the first discomfort.

Where candida can live

It affects various organs and systems. There is candidiasis of the mouth, fingers, skin, genitals. In all cases, the same causes lead to its formation, so the causative agent is candida fungus. Symptoms of disease in such cases are different and depend on the place of localization.

vaginal thrush

Symptoms of vaginal thrush

The most common symptom is itching. It occurs immediately and lasts until the start of medication. Candidiasis in women have similar symptoms, and the causes may be different. They may be bothered by white discharge from the vagina, an unpleasant, sour smell. Burning and irritation may appear on the inflamed mucosa.

Test for thrush: sit down in a chair, throw your leg over your leg. If there is the disease, the woman will feel a strong itching in the vaginal area.

Other signs of pathology:

  • A cottony, white-colored discharge;
  • Sometimes flaky masses are secreted from the vagina;
  • the volume of the white discharge increases after intercourse or at night;
  • swelling and redness of the large and small vaginal lips;
  • Soreness and threading during sex and urination.

Sometimes the disease occurs in a mild form, bringing almost no discomfort. The severity of symptoms depends on the individual characteristics of the body. Candidiasis in women may arise from environmental factors, but they can be infected from a man, and the partner signs during this period may be absent.

How to diagnose thrush

When examining the mucous membrane of the vagina, it can be seen that there is epithelium, which is peeling, and there is a white plaque on the mucous membranes. The gynecologist necessarily takes a woman’s smear for flora. With thrush, the pathogen called candida fungus is found.

How to properly treat thrush

Candidiasis is a disease that is accompanied by strong vaginal discharge, so it is necessary to clean the mucosa from bacteria. To do this, use such solutions for irrigation: Tantum Rosa and Citeal. These products are best suited, because they are designed specifically for use in gynecology. In addition, you can buy chlorhexidine in the pharmacy or use decoctions of chamomile or calendula. Before you start treating candidiasis with herbal remedies, you should always test for allergies.

If thrush occurs very rarely, then the use of local remedies will be enough.

The treatment of candidiasis with such remedies is the safest, because the chemicals do not enter the bloodstream. All of these drugs have a similar complex of action, since they contain an antifungal component. Zalain vaginal suppositories have the most rapid recovery. The course of application is only 1 suppository at night.

vaginal thrush cells

The drug Pimafucin is also effective in the treatment of this pathology, and inject it into the vagina for 3-6 days. It is allowed even during pregnancy, because the female body is subject to various hormonal changes at this time.

Candidiasis disease often occurs during stressful periods. It is worth to protect your body from external irritants or to take sedatives. Clotrimazole is particularly popular because it is the longest-standing drug. One of the best representatives is a drug that Bayer produces. You can buy it in the pharmacy under the name Kanesten. It is prescribed in a dosage of 500 mg, but it only needs to be used once.

Often doctors prescribe the drug Livarol on the basis of ketoconazole. The course of its application is 10 days.

There are complex drugs that can be used not only for candidiasis. They should be used if there is no possibility to visit a doctor, and the symptoms are so confusing that it is unreal to determine the disease yourself. Such remedies include: Neotrizol, Poliginax and others, which contain an antifungal component.

All vaginal preparations should be administered while lying on the back and in the evening. After their use, it is not necessary to bathe with soapy solutions, because there is a high probability that the product will wash out and will not have a therapeutic effect. Before using vaginal tablets, you should read the instructions carefully. Most often they need to be moistened with water. If this is not done, they can cause discomfort and discomfort when inserted. There is sometimes a feeling of discomfort when taking them. If, after a certain time, the itching and burning does not disappear, you should refuse treatment with this remedy.

If the symptoms of thrush do not occur for the first time, then you need to take antifungal pills orally. Most often these are drugs based on fluconazole. If the doctor did not prescribe another scheme, you should drink 1 capsule of the drug. Its dosage in this case should be 150 mg.

In the pharmacy, many drugs from different manufacturers are sold. The highest quality medication is produced by France – Diflucan. This is an original remedy with proven effectiveness. Treatment of candidiasis with its help is always fast and safe for the body. Analogues: Fucis or Fluzac.

When it is worth going to the doctor

It is not worth abusing the treatment. If the therapy of candidiasis did not bring results, you should see a doctor.

Candidiasis should be treated by both sexual partners; the symptoms and therapy are similar to the female regimen. But a cream should be used instead of vaginal pills.

What foods protect against yeast infection?

To protect yourself from fungus, you need to take healthy foods for the body. These include:

  • fermented milk products;
  • garlic;
  • lingonberries;
  • grapefruit.

The same useful antifungal effect has red hot pepper and propolis.

How to protect yourself from vaginal candidiasis

To begin with, you need to normalize your diet. It is necessary to consume a lot of fruits, vegetables, sour milk products (yogurt, kefir, ryazhenka).

Care should also be taken when choosing lubricants for intercourse, because they must be made on a water-soluble basis. If you are allergic to latex condoms, you should switch to other means of contraception. It is necessary to be selective about vaginal sprinkling, there is no need to repeat it every day. Such a procedure can disrupt the normal microflora and provoke disease. You should not constantly change partners and have contact with untested persons.

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